When will Posthaven be able to do _______?

Maybe not soon. Not because we don't ever want to, but because we're focused on the main goal: to stick around as long as possible.

There are lots of places to host that allow you total customization, but there are very few that you can count on to stick around. We want to be the clear well-lit place for your posts, and that means a lot of behind-the-scenes gardening that doesn't mean new shiny things every other day.

That being said, we like shiny things too. Want something? Let us know on our feature request board.

How do I keep track of what's new on Posthaven?

The best way to see the latest is to follow on the Posthaven Blog.


Do you offer a free trial?

No, we do not offer a free trial at this time, but we do have a money back guarantee. If you're not happy with Posthaven within the first month cancel your account (easily done on our dashboard) and let us know at and we'll issue a full refund for your original payment.

How do I update my payment info, see payment receipts or cancel?

It's easy, you can update your credit card, see payment receipts, or cancel your account on the Dashboard go to the Payments tab under "Edit your account".

How do I change the email address on my account?

You can manage the email address(es) on your account on the "Emails" tab under "Edit your account" on the dashboard.

To remove your existing primary email address first add a new address and make it primary.

My credit card is being declined but I know the details are correct.

Unfortunately we do not have a lot of insight into why credit card providers sometimes deny valid payment requests. The best option is to contact your provider and tell them charges from are valid.

Do you support other payment methods than credit cards (e.g. Paypal)?

Not at this time.

Do you support import from other blog providers?

Not at this time.


How do I change the look and feel of my blog?

You can do this now! Click on Settings for your blog, and then click the Theme tab. You can select from built-in themes, and for those of you who know HTML/CSS, you can customize your blog and write entire themes from scratch if you'd like.

How do I change the name, description or domain name of my blog?

On the Posthaven dashboard navigate to the blog you want to change and click on the "Settings" button.

Can I make my blog private? What about a post? What's the difference?

Private blogs are password protected using a shared password. Only viewers who know the password can see the content of the blog, but once they have access they can see all the posts. You can set a blog to private on the dashboard by navigating to the blog and using the “Settings” button.

Private posts can be posted on public sites and do not require a password but are posted at an obscure, very hard to guess URL and by default are not linked to anywhere else on the blog. So in practice a viewer needs to have a direct link to the post to see it. You can set a post to private by editing it in the web based post editor and checking the box under “Post Settings”. (New posts by email sent to will be created private.)

Do you support external analytics?

We have built-in support for using Google Analytics. You can add your tracking code on the "Advanced" tab in each blog's settings on the Posthaven dashboard.

Custom domains

Do you support using custom domains on blogs?

Yes. See our detailed setup instructions here.

Can I use two custom domains for the same blog?

No. If you want the same content for both domains we recommend you setup and HTTP redirect from one domain to the other. Many registrars and DNS hosts provide this service.

Do you register domains or provide DNS hosting?

No, Posthaven only hosts the blogs themselves, you'll need a separate provider for domain registration and DNS hosting.


How do I post by email?

It's easy, just email For more details, please read our detailed Post by Email FAQ.

How can I change the date of a post, schedule it for the future, change its author or move it to a different blog?

All of this functionality is available by clicking "Post Settings" in the post editor.

How do I reorder the posts?

All posts are ordered by date so you can change the order of the posts by editing their display dates. In the post editor find the date field under "Post Settings".

What size images should I upload?

We create scaled versions of uploaded images to fit well into our built-in themes so high resolution images work best. Most of our themes present content at 800px wide. Images should be at least that wide as we never rescale images to be larger (to prevent distortion).

Do you support HTML embeds in posts?

The best way to embed content is posts is via our auto-embed feature. Paste the URL of the content to be embedded on its own line in a post (in normal mode in our editor or via email) and after the post is processed the URL will expand into the related embed.

If we do not happen to support auto-expansion of a URL, some types of HTML embed codes can be pasted into HTML mode in our editor. We do support <iframe> HTML tags but DO NOT support use of <script> tags.

My image is showing up rotated.

JPEG (or .jpg) files have both a pixel orientation and a metadata field indication how they should be rotated for display. When we process images we pay attention to that metadata field because the majority of the time it is correct. Unfortunately some misbehaved image editors either fill out that field wrong or, more often, fail to remove it while rotating the actual pixels in the file.

How do I create a link in my post that opens in a new browser tab/window?

In our web post editor: first select the text you want to be a link and then click the link button in the toolbar (it's the button with an image of a box with an arrow coming out). In the dialog that pops up enter the URL for the link and check the “Open in a new window” checkbox before inserting the link.

Email subscriptions

How do I add email subscribers to my blog?

You can add email subscribers to your blogs on the dashboard using the Subscribers tab under each blog's settings. Subscribers can also sign themselves up via the subscription link and forms on your blog (you might not see the form yourself while logged in, but logged out views still see it).

I'm trying to add the email address of a new subscriber but I'm getting an error that they're already subscribed even though the address is not currently listed.

This can happen when you add a secondary email address for a Posthaven user. Each Posthaven user can have multiple email addresses but can only be added as a subscriber once, so attempts to add their other email addresses will fail.


What sites do you support autoposting to?

We currently support Twitter and LinkedIn.

My autopost failed and I'm having trouble with re-authorization.

From time to time the blogs we autopost to will expire the tokens we use to post on your behalf and re-authorization is required. You can re-authorize by following the link found in the alert email or on the "Autopost" tab inside your blog's settings on the Posthaven dashboard.

If you end up at an error page it can help to log out of the autopost target (e.g. Twitter) before clicking on the re-authorization link.

Archive mode

When do accounts qualify for permanent hosting?

After 12 months of payment. We hope to reduce this in the future but need some basic commitment for planning and to prevent abuse.

How does it work?

If you cancel or stop paying after your account qualifies for archive mode (i.e. after 12 months) you account will become read-only. All blogs and posts will remain online but you cannot edit posts or add new ones unless you upgrade your account to paid again.

Can I permanently delete my archive-mode blog?

Yes, log into the dashboard as normal. If you are prompted with an upgrade form click "Cancel". Navigate to the blog you want to delete and you will find a button with a trash icon for permanent deletion.

Can I review my old payment receipts in archive mode?

Yes, log into the dashboard as normal. If you are prompted with an upgrade form click "Cancel". Payment receipts can be found in the usual place on the Payments tab under "Edit your account".

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