Our pledge

We'll never get acquired. We'll never shut down. You pay, we keep the lights on.

A note from the founders

Posthaven is a long-term project that aims to create the world's simplest, most usable, most long-lasting blogging platform.

We don’t have investors, show ads, or even take salaries. Posthaven is designed to outlive us, and that’s the goal behind everything we do.

We were as tired as you about having to move posts and photos every time a service goes away.

To do that, it’ll take a small team of engineers who quietly maintain the software like a constant gardener, quietly doing the right things over time.

That’s us.

The backstory

Garry Tan and Brett Gibson were two of the co-founders of Posterous in 2008. Posterous was acquired by Twitter in 2012, and while we were happy that it was a meaningful acquisition for the team and investors, we were bummed to see something get shuttered that we believed should last forever.

We know how to build every aspect of a great site, and we're doing it again. Now we have a small team in place to help us fulfill our mission for the long run.

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