How to post by email to your Posthaven

It's easy, here's how:

Just email The subject of your email will be your new post's title and the email body will be the body of the post. By default, it'll be a public post on your primary site that also gets autoposted. You can edit which site is your primary here.

How to I post to a specific site?

Change the domain part (i.e. the stuff after "@") of of the email address you send your post to.

If your Posthaven subdomain is bananas, send email to

Make sure to use the domain ending in "" even if you have a custom domain mapped to your site.

What else can I do via email address?

By default, will autopost and post it publicly. But there are special flags that you can use to change what is done.

  • To disable autopost: send email to
  • To autopost only to Twitter: send email to
  • To post privately: send email to
  • To post as a draft: send email to

You can mix and match these options, e.g. to post to a draft on your blog, you can email:

Can I attach images / video / audio / documents?

Yes, you can post images, video, audio, documents, and files of any kind. Upload limits are generally determined by your email provider and often around 10-25MB.

By default images will be grouped into galleries except when they are inline in the body of the email and have text in-between them, but you can use a special address to disable galleries completely:

To ensure none of your images (inline or otherwise) are grouped into galleries, send email to

How do I make sure my signature does not show up in my post?

We look for a few common signature delimeters but the best one to add is the most common: two dashes followed by a space on their own line. Like this:

Your Name

If you make your signature look like the above, we'll automatically filter it out.

Can I add tags to my posts?

Yes, include #hashtags at the end of the subject of your post. For multi-word tags you can surround the tag in quotes preceded by a hash, e.g. #"Best Tag Ever". Separate hashtags with spaces to add more than one. The hashtags will be removed when we set the title of your post. So, for example, if your subject is:

Great new post! #greatest #"Newest Post"

then your post will have two tags: greatest and Newest Post and the title will be Great new post!.

My posts keep getting sent back as unverified. What can I do?

We use various techniques to ensure that other people are not able to post to your site. Unfortunately sometimes this means we are unable to verify an incoming email and have to ask you to verify manually. Most major email providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, digitally sign their outgoing email for easy verification. If you are using a different service or otherwise having Posthaven prompt you to verify your email too often there are a couple options:

  1. You can set a secret word to use in the address you send your emails to, allowing you to bypass our sender verification. Set it in the the email settings on your site and then add the secret word after "post" and a period (".") in the address you send to. For example if your secret word is secret you would email
  2. You or your domain administrator can look into setting up DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for your domain and that will help us out.

I'm confused!

Don't worry, we can help. Email us at

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